Health and Safety

ATC Uganda is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in occupational health, safety and wellness.

At ATC Uganda the health and safety of our employees is paramount and we are committed to abiding by all industry and government safety regulations. We expect our contractors to adopt those regulations as well.

ATC Uganda has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to non-compliance with safety protocol and we expect the same from those with whom we do business.

The business success of ATC Uganda depends on our ability to deliver the highest level of customer service whilst providing safe, compliant and excellent tower sites as well as safe working environment for our staff and visitors.

With our Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness Policy Statement, we reaffirm our commitment to:

  • The prevention of injury and ill health of our employees and suppliers through a continual improvement of our OHS management and OHS performance

  • Complying with all relevant and applicable international, national and local governmental legislation and industrial standards and guidelines

  • Demonstrating visible OHS assurance and taking a leading role in establishing best practices in the telecommunications infrastructure industry by setting and reviewing OHS objectives of our operations regularly

  • Continually identifying and reviewing OHS risks and implementing appropriate corrective and preventative actions to manage these risks

  • Promoting open communication with employees, customers, contractors, interested communities and government bodies regarding any suspected and/or potential OHS exposure and its impact on ATC Uganda’s operations

  • Providing the framework for setting and reviewing OHS objectives

  • Ensuring that contractors and sub-contractors, who perform work for ATC Uganda, are included in our safety management system and that their OHS compliance is monitored and evaluated periodically

  • Integrating OHS considerations in business planning and decision making

  • Educating and raising our employees’ awareness about issues that impact their health and wellness, including the health benefits of physical activity and healthy eating